Summit Summer Sessions

"The Best Access Yet: Personal VIP Sessions"

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QB Summit is not a place to improve, it's a place to TRANSFORM.

That’s why we’ve decided to create the most personalized VIP sessions for young QBs to make giant leaps in small amounts of time. 

How A Summit Summer Session Breaks Down:
These Sessions include 6 total hours together focused on the QB’s game
  • 30 min Intro call - to understand the QBs current situation and establish goals
  • 4.5 hours together in-person
    • 2.5 hours on-field
    • 2 hours in-classroom
    • 2 different 30 min zooms following the session (4 weeks apart).   
Spend a full 4.5 hours in-person with both Jordan Palmer and Mike White to dial in your game on and off the field in a way we've never offered before.

Start with a full hour on the field with Jordan and Mike as we capture video content of your mechanics.

Then we'll head to a classroom and spend 90 minutes going over:

      • Full Throwing Mechanics Review
      • Movement Analysis
      • Specific Coverage Breakdowns
      • Game Tape Reviews
      • Playbook Review

Finish on the field with another 90 minutes to implement what you've discovered so that you leave with at least 2-3 different cues moving forward.

Finally, after 3-4 weeks, you'll send in an updated video directly to Jordan and Mike.

They'll review it and then schedule an additional 30-minute Zoom call with you to go over everything you need moving forward. 

What to Expect:

Each session will be hosted in Orange County, CA with the exception of 1 day in Tahoe, CA.

Attendees are encouraged to bring cleats, dress in athletic apparel, and bring their ball.

We'll see you on the field.

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Each day is limited to only TWO quarterbacks.

Regular price $2,750.00